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This course is designed to provide delegates with techniques of good

Proof Reading and the skills needed for putting it into practice. 

Delegates will learn techniques to enable them

to get the best out of these vitally

important skills:

·        The role of the Proof Reader

o        The importance of proofreading

o        Differences  between proofreading and editing - focusing on accuracy

o        The qualities needed to become a good proof reader

·        On Screen or on Paper?

o        How software can help

o        Spell checkers and grammar checkers - their benefits and limitations

o        The advantages of proofreading on paper

·         Techniques and Tools

o        Do It In Style

o        Making Your Mark

o        Asking Questions

o        Working in Bite Sized Pieces

·         Rules of Proof Reading

o        Remembering the Golden Rule

o        When you should make a change and when to leave alone

o        When to issue a query

·         The Need For Consistency

o        Style

o        Spelling

o        Numbers and dates

o        Capitals and abbreviations

o        Use of Italics and bold

o        Quotations

·         Dealing with details

o        Facts and figures

o        Tables, diagrams and graphs

o        Cross-references


·         Finding Errors

o        Tips and techniques

o        Things to look for - common errors

o        Troublesome words

·         The importance of Grammar and punctuation

o        Why they are important

o        A guide to grammar

o        Punctuation - revision of the rules

o        Developing your own confidence and concentrating on accuracy


         Exercises and feedback


Recent Testimonials:

"I enjoyed the whole course - all of it!! It was exceptionally interesting, and despite being new to the subject, I never felt out of my depth. I especially liked the way the training was delivered" RJ

"A highly motivating course and I liked the relaxed atmosphere and patience of the Trainer" CF

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